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Maqul mortgage loan

400,0 mln. uzs
400,0 mln. uzs

For purchasing property
Loan purpose
For purchasing property

till 240 month
Credit term
till 240 month

Hamkor quruvchi tashkilotlar

Qurilgan va qurilayotgan turar-joy binolari ro'yxati Ipoteka kreditini olish qobiliaytini tekshirish

Application for a loan




purchase of housing on the primary/secondary market

Client (citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan)

on a fixed income


from 120 to 240 months

Initial payment is not less than


Annual interest rate


Maximum loan amount

up to 400 mln UZS

Minimum loan amount

50 mln UZS

Grace period

without grace period


up to 3, close relatives of the debtor (parents, biological and half-brothers and sisters, husband (wife), children, grandchildren) registered and residing at the same place with the debtor

Collateral requirement


Obligatory supply

pledge of the house to be purchased

Age (min./max.)

21 years of age (not older than 70 years at the end of the loan term) (customer/co-borrower)

Life insurance

If the age is over 63, the client must take out life insurance from age 63 to 70 (the insurance benefit is payable when the client reaches the age of 63)

Minimum work experience

6 months

Minimum income requirement

1 050 000 UZS

Maximum debt load


Documents to be provided

passport (ID-card), sales contract, supply and cadastral documents, valuation report (when buying a house on the secondary market), ESMS checklist (ecology)

Special conditions

- the client's (co-borrower's) creditworthiness is determined based on debt load and credit history requirements;

- when submitting an application, there should be no mortgage loan in the name of the client, spouse and co-borrowers;

- the average monthly income of the borrower (co-borrower) should not exceed 15 million UZS;

- housing (apartment) purchased on credit should not be notarized within the last 2 months (sale, inheritance, donation, etc.);

- ≤ 74% (ratio of the loan amount to the collateral amount);

- at least 35% of the allocated credit must be women;

- if the debt burden exceeds 50 percent, the loan will not be allocated;

- withdrawal of funds from the borrower's (co-borrowers') credit card in commercial banks on an acceptance-free basis


Loan type:
Ипотечный кредит
Maqul mortgage loan
Name Summ

Monthly payment (if calculated in annuity)

4 454 628 UZS

The minimum monthly income required for obtaining a loan

6 363 754 UZS

To the regulation on the minimum requirements for the activities of commercial banks in the implementation of relations with consumers of banking services
Information sheet
about main terms of the loan

The name of commercial bank, Official website, phone numbers JSCMB "Ipoteka-bank",
Phone:(78) 150-11-22,
Contact center:1233

1-section. Loan information

1. Type of the loan Ипотечный кредит
2. Purpose of the loan For purchasing property
3. Amount of the loan (in national currency)
4. Term of the loan (in month) month
5. The interest rate during the term of the loan (nominal amount) and the amount payable on this interest amount %

1,044,744,252 uzs

7. Grace period for the loan (if exist) not exist
8. Periodic payments (monthly, quarterly and etc.) Monthly
9. Loan repayment method (annuity method (equal amounts), differential method) Annuity method
10. The amount of a one-time payment during the payment period:
Annuity method
In differential method

6,019,768 uzs

11. The form of provision of the loan
(transfer of money to the account of the supplier of goods/services, in cash, transfer to a bank card, etc.)
with method of transferring money to the account of the supplier of goods/services
12. Additional expenses related to the loan (if any): not exist
Bank commissions and fees by type (indicate separately) not exist
Third party services (indicate separately) not exist
13. Total cost of the loan (includes nominal interest rate and loan servicing costs)

1,444,744,252 uzs

2-section. Important conditions related to other financial obligations

1. In connection with the late repayment of the loan debt, a penalty (fine, penalty) provided in the contract is imposed (if there is such a condition) for each day of late payment in the amount of 0.1 percent of the late payment amount
2. The amount of the increased interest rate paid on the loan amount due to late repayment of the loan debt (if such condition exists) Pays interest in an amount 1.5 times higher than the interest specified in the agreement.
3. Collateral of the loan (minimum requirements for the subject of collateral, minimum cost of collateral)

Read carefully before agreeing to take out a loan!

You have the right to receive complete and detailed information from the bank about the terms and amount of the loan, about the procedure for payment and settlement (interest, fines and penalties), about Your rights and obligations under the loan agreement, about the loan agreement about possible risks and responsibilities, as well as other issues that are unclear to you.

If you have complaints, you can send your appeal to (indicate the phone number) the digital phone number or (indicate the bank's postal address) the address or (indicate the bank's email address) the email address.

(position and full name of the bank's specialist)

(date of completion)