Strategy of the Bank

Strategy of the Bank

Participation of the bank in the development of the country's economy

  • further financial support of enterprises of the real sector of the economy;
  • increase in the volume of investment loans;
  •  further strengthening of the experience gained in financial support of the main sectors of the economy, small business and private entrepreneurship, as well as young families, paying special attention to the development of lending to the services sector in rural areas;

Further development as a universal commercial bank and an increase in retail services

  • providing Ipoteka-Bank clients with a full range of banking services and the introduction of new banking products;
  • development of corporate client banking along with retail banking;
  • introduction of new information technologies in retail banking;
  • strengthening of the results achieved on utility payments collections from households and entities, arrangement of direct electronic information exchange with utility provides; 
Housing construction activities

  • increased funding of multistory housing construction in cities for general public;
  • further development of long-term mortgage lending by bank funds attraction; 
Development of cooperation with foreign countries

  • establishment of new relations with foreign banks and international financial institutions, deepening cooperation and attraction of foreign partners for projects funding, mediating activity between domestic manufacturers and foreign banks; 
  • attraction of foreign loan facilities for long-term mortgage loans;
  • study of modern global banking experience and its adjustment for application in bank’s activities;
Human Recourse Policy Priorities

  • continuous professional development of staff and modern programs and foreign languages training; 
  • consistent and continuous development of the bank’s activities by strengthening communication and sharing the experience among managers and young professionals;
  • personnel demand study, recruitment on a competitive basis out of the number of successful graduates of higher educational institutions and their allocation among bank branches;

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