Information disclosure

Information disclosure

Information disclosure - ensuring the availability of information on the securities market to interested parties regardless of the purpose of obtaining this information in forms that guarantee its presence and receipt (Article 3 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the Securities Market”);

Ipoteka-Bank JSCIB as an issuer discloses information:

  • in the prospectus of issue of securities;

    in the quarterly and annual reports of the issuer;

    in reports of material facts in the activities of the bank.

JSCB Ipoteka-Bank discloses information subject to mandatory disclosure in the amounts, terms and methods defined by the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Joint Stock Companies and Protection of Shareholders' Rights”, “On the Securities Market”, Rules for the Provision and Publication of Information on the Securities Market ( Reg. No. 2383 from 31.07.2012.) and other legislative acts.

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