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Small Business Financing

According to small business financing programm, Ipoteka-bank presents for your attention a wide range of loans for business.

Bank's product line allows to solve any tasks related to develop the business and ensuring its competitiveness.

When making a decision to grant a loan, Ipoteka-Bank is based on information about the real state of the business of a potential borrower. The main focus is on the development prospects of the business proposed for financing, rather than on formal indicators.

An individual approach to each customer allows Ipoteka Bank to offer loans to small businesses on the most favorable terms for customers. The interest rate for the use of credit funds is set based on the market conditions and the financial condition of the borrower. Interest is charged on the balance of the outstanding loan, which allows clients to avoid additional costs.

Перечень необходимых документов для получения кредита:

  • loan application;

  • business plan;

  • report on financial results (except for individual entrepreneurs);

  • Provision related documents;

  • if necessary, the bank may request other documents.

* According to the internal lending regulations of JSCIB "Ipoteka-bank", customers whose accounts have been transferred from other banks can receive a loan if there is a turnover on their accounts with our bank for at least 6 months (with the exception of loans allocated for projects that fall under government regulations and government programs, loans to a single borrower or to related borrowers who also had no bad credit history before the account was transferred to our bank and had cash receipts that cover the amount of the requested loan and interest on it during the last three months).