Mission of the Bank

Mission of the Bank

Mission of Ipoteka-Bank is to create maximum economic value for bank shareholders and clients. High quality client service and leadership in the selected markets have top priority for the success of the bank in the future.

Corporate values of the bank - team spirit, innovative thinking, positive attitude and supreme quality - play an integral role in bank mission implementation.

By providing clients with a wide range of banking services, bank endeavors to contribute the establishment of prerequisites and conditions for the recovery and development of the country's economy.

When providing its clients with services, Ipoteka-Bank is committed to comply with the highest standards of professionalism, introduction of innovation, openness to new ideas, use of imagination, as well as the implementation of persistent and consistent activity.

Ipoteka-Bank intends to continue to provide high quality services in order for relations of the bank with its clients to be long-term and close.
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