International money transfers

International money transfers

International money transfers - a unique banking product that allows you to transfer funds of individuals around the world in a very short time.

If you need to send any amount to relatives or friends abroad, Ipoteka-Bank will give you the opportunity to use the international money transfer system. Your money will be transferred in minutes.

Ipoteka-Bank offers the largest selection of cash systems in the CIS countries and far abroad.

You can send or receive a transfer at one of the Ipoteka-Bank money transfer points. To send or receive a transfer, you must submit an identity document.

Upon receipt of the transfer, you must also specify the control number, the amount of the transfer, as well as the sender's data and the country of departure.

Western Union
Золотая Корона
Money Gram

Western Union

Did you need to urgently transfer cash to friends or acquaintances abroad? Or, on the contrary, do you yourself need money, being in a foreign country? Mortgage Bank offers you a fast and reliable way to solve these problems - Western Union money transfers.

Advantages of Western Union transfers

  • Quickly. Recipients will be able to receive the transfer within a few minutes after sending it (unlike traditional transfers, when the transfer period reaches several days). However, when sending, it is necessary to take into account the working hours of the Western Union agent's office in the region in which the transfer will be received.

  • Guarantees. The international system Western Union has been transferring money for over 135 years. Thanks to Western Union, millions of people in all corners of the globe quickly and efficiently solve cash problems. To do this, Western Union system uses the latest electronic technology and its own computer network. Every day

  • All over the world. Currently, more than 386,000 Western Union service points operate in more than 200 countries around the world. At your service - any of these items, in which you can send or receive a transfer.

Western Union transfers can be made outside the country - in US dollars. In many countries of the world, the recipient of the transfer may, if desired, receive cash in local currency. The conversion rate is set by Western Union, you can check the amount of the transfer in local currency, which the addressee receives, from an employee of the Ipoteka-Bank money transfer points.

Tariff rates for transferring money using Western Union system
Transfer amount (in US dollars) Commission (in US dollars)
0.01 - 200.00 3.00$
200.01 - 2000.00 1.3% от суммы перевода
2000.01 - 3000.00 1.2% от суммы перевода
3000.01 - 5000.00 1.0% от суммы перевода

* The countries of the far abroad within the framework of this Tariff include all countries of the far abroad, except those indicated in the list of CIS countries, Georgia, Russia, China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, the States of Israel, the United States of America and Canada.


The Unistream system is a money transfer in Russia, the CIS countries and the whole world. The Unistream international money transfer system allows you to send and receive money in almost 100 countries of the world, where more than 330000 service points are located.

The advantages of this system:

  • speed of receiving a transfer (from 10 - 15 minutes);

  • low rates (from 0.1 - 2%);

  • no cost to the recipient;

  • convenience and ease of processing;

  • acceptance and issuance of cash transfers.

What you need to send / receive Unistream transfer?

To effect a money transfer, the sender must:

  • Carry your original passport or other identity document.

  • if necessary, submit a document confirming the origin of the currency (in accordance with the legislation of the country of the Sender).

  • the operator fills in the electronic form of the “Application for transfer” and transmits

  • to the sender for verification and signature.

To receive a money transfer, the recipient must:

  • have the original passport or other identity document with you;

  • know the transfer control number;

  • the operator fills in the electronic form the "Application for receiving a money transfer" and sends it to the recipient for verification and signature.

Tariff rates for transferring money using UniStream system
Type of service sending currency → issue Transfer amount (in US dollars) Commission (in US dollars)
Cash2card * USD→USD 
0,01 - 5 000 1.5%, minimum 5
0,01 - 5 000 0,1%, minimum 1

* Funds will be deposited directly to the recipient’s bank card which is opened abroad.

Золотая Корона

Золотая Корона  - Money Transfers" is an instant money transfer service without opening an account, which has more than 50 thousand service points in Russia, countries of near and far abroad. To date, over 550 banks are members of the service.

"Золотая Корона  - Money Transfers" - provides its customers with:

  • Speed ​​- a money transfer can be received in a few seconds after sending it.

  • Convenience - just specify the country and city where the transfer is sent. The recipient will be able to choose the most convenient point for issuing the transfer.

  • Control - the ability to check the status of the transfer around the clock in on-line mode on the website of the Золотая Корона - Money Transfer service.

  • Availability - transfer commission is one of the lowest (from 0% to 1.5%)

  • Currency of transfer - rubles, US dollars, euros, as well as national currencies *.

Special rate 0% for transfers in foreign currency

  • It is valid under the condition of currency conversion at the rate of NSCA “Payment Center” (LLC) at the time of sending the transfer.

  • When making a transfer at the bank, the sender chooses the receipt currency convenient for the recipient, when converting the currency at the rate of the RNKO “Payment Center” (LLC), the commission will be 0% *.

The tariff is valid from 10.06.2015

How to send a transfer:

Identity and money are required to send a transfer. You also need to know the recipient's name, country and city of receiving the transfer. The exact address of residence of the recipient is not required - it is enough to specify only the city. The recipient can choose for himself at which point and in what currency it will be more convenient for him to receive money.

To receive a money transfer you must:

  • Have an identity document with you;

  • Tell the bank operator the transfer number;

  • Report the amount of the transfer and the currency in which it is more convenient to receive the transfer.

You can find the nearest service points on the website of the Золотая Корона - Money Transfer service.

* Information about available currencies for each country should be checked with the bank operator when making a transfer.

The operator for the transfer of funds - RNKO "Payment Center" (LLC), license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 3166-K dated 04.14.2014. A full list of organizations providing the service of money transfers "Золотая Корона" can be found on the website

Tariff rates for transferring money using Золотая Корона system
Special rates Commission (in US dollars)
Money transfers to Russia from $ 5000 commission only 30 $
Tariff "Zero" no commission *

* When making a transfer at the bank, the sender chooses the receipt currency convenient for the recipient when converting the currency at the rate of the NSC “Payment Center” (LLC).

Money Gram

This is a transfer of funds in US dollars without opening an account, carried out by one individual in favor of another individual. MoneyGram transfer is carried out in real time.


MoneyGram undertakes obligations to customers to pay the transfer amount immediately after the money transfer is sent. Even if the partner MoneyGram will experience financial difficulties in an unstable economy, this will not affect the customers, because the American corporation has obligations on the amounts accepted. If the MoneyGram money transfer was not requested by the recipient or the sender changed plans, the unclaimed amount will be returned at any time.

Both money is available to the sender and addressee in any of the company's branches throughout the world.

Accessibility and simplicity

To send or receive a MoneyGram money transfer, only a passport or other identity document is required. In this case, neither the recipient nor the sender is required to open a bank account or order a credit card. What is very important - when sending money, you do not need to specify the specific address of the recipient or the bank details of his account. By presenting a passport, the recipient can receive the amount sent to him at any of the tens of thousands of service points around the world.


Time to transfer money to anywhere in the world is 10-15 minutes. Using modern computer technologies and communication lines, information about the accepted MoneyGram money transfer is transmitted in a matter of seconds, which allows the recipient within 10-15 minutes after sending to claim money anywhere in the world. The amount of MoneyGram money transfer is paid immediately, at the request of the client, in cash in US dollars, local currency.


The information that you sent or received a MoneyGram money transfer is a bank secret.


MoneyGram translation includes not only a money transfer, but also a free accompanying text of up to 10 words.

Favorable prices

MoneyGram transfer is the cheapest among similar services. The average cost of sending MoneyGram money is from 3 to 5 percent, depending on the amount sent.

How to send money

  • Fill in a simple form, where you provide passport details, address and amount to be sent.

  • Enter the amount of the transfer and payment services.

  • The operator tells you the transfer code.

How to receive the money

  • Contact any country MoneyGram service center in any country.

  • Fill out the form to receive money, where you provide passport details, address, expected amount.

  • To speed up the operation, specify the transfer code, if you know it.

  • If you wish, you can receive money in US dollars, local currency.

Tariff rates for transferring money using Money Gram system
Transfer amount (in US dollars) Commission (in US dollars)
0.01 - 200 5$
200.01 - 400 9$
400.01 - 600 15$
600.01 - 1000 20$
1000.01 - 1500 35$
1000.01 - 1500 35$
1500.01 - 2000 40$
2000.01 - 3000 45$
3000.01 - 4000 50$
4000.01 - 5000 60$


The CONTACT payment system is the first Russian money transfer system that began its operations in 1999. The CONTACT system is currently one of the most recognized leaders in the field of money transfers in Russia and neighboring countries. Today, the CONTACT network includes over 500 thousand service points and payment terminals in more than 170 countries. Now you can also use the services of the money transfer system “CONTACT” at the points of the JSIB “Ipoteka Bank” system ..

Attractive terms and conditions of the CONTACT system for users are, above all, high-quality services, affordable rates and the possibility of sending and receiving money transfers between individuals:

  • without opening an account;

  • all over the world - Russia, the CIS countries, the Baltic States and abroad

  • in rubles of the Russian Federation, US dollars and euro.

  • unaddressed payment (Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Estonia, South Ossetia).

  • delivery speed: from 1 second. The time of issuing a transfer depends on the difference in time zones of the point of departure and the point of receipt, as well as on the operating mode of the receiving bank.

  • informing customers about the status of money transfer in the form of sending sms-messages to mobile phones

Tariff rates for transferring money using CONTACT system
Type of service sending currency → issue Transfer amount (in US dollars) Commission (in US dollars)
Cash2card * USD→USD 
0,01 - 5 000 1,5%,  minimum  5 
0,01 - 5 000 0,1%, minimum 1
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