Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The term "corporate governance" is understood as a set of rules that determine the main actions of shareholders, members of the Board and other executives in managing the activities of a commercial bank. The concept of good corporate governance also includes the use of ethical business standards, a sense of responsibility towards shareholders and taking into account the needs of the society in which the bank operates. (Clause 1.1 of the Regulations on Corporate Governance in Commercial Banks, registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 943 of July 5, 2000)

Corporate consultant service. 

The corporate consultant service is a structural division of the Bank, subordinate to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The general management of the service is carried out by a corporate consultant.

The corporate consultant is a bank official and head of the Bank's structural division - the Corporate Consultant Service of JSCMB «Ipoteka-Bank».

The objectives of the corporate consultant are:

- ensuring compliance with the Bank's claims of the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Charter and Internal Documents of the Bank;

- assistance in the development and improvement of the practitioners of the Bank's corporate governance in the direction of their compliance with the best international practitioners;

- promoting the effective protection of the rights of shareholders and an increase in the investment attractiveness of the Bank;

- Promoting the formation of management practices providing sustainable development of the bank.

Corporate Consultant of JSCMB «Ipoteka-Bank» - Merganov Bahodir Ibragimovich.

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