Leasing is a convenient form of business investment. Using leasing, it is possible to purchase equipment, machinery or vehicles necessary for expanding or modernizing an existing business or opening a new line of business with installment payments.

Leasing is a special type of lease. On the basis of a lease agreement, the lessor, at its own expense, purchases from the seller and transfers to the lessee (potential borrower) on leasing (temporary possession and use) of the leasing object, while retaining the title to the leasing object for the lessor. The lessee uses the object of leasing in its activities with the extraction of income and is calculated with the lessor gradually over the term of the lease according to the established schedule. The ownership of the leased asset passes to the lessee after full settlement with the lessor./p>

We offer a variety of leasing products from motor vehicles to real estate, from equipment to special equipment on more favorable terms. Leasing services are provided by all branches of the bank in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Leasing services are carried out to customers at the location of their main deposit account in branches of the Bank. The Bank is ready to actively participate in the implementation of larger investment projects that go beyond the standard conditions set by the Bank for leasing transactions.

Leasing has several advantages when choosing a financing option:

  • The leased asset is recorded on the lessee’s balance sheet and, therefore, the leased asset is exempt from property tax;
  • It is possible to apply accelerated depreciation of the leased object;
  • Technological equipment imported into the Republic of Uzbekistan on a leasing basis is exempt from customs duties and VAT.

Basic requirements for borrowers:

  • Certain legal status of the lessee with the presence of the necessary registration, permits, etc. documents at the time of the start of funding the project.
  • Legal entities having the status of a resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan and commercial income from their activities may act as lessees.
  • The projected cash flow of the funded project and / or the available cash flow of the lessee must ensure timely and full payment of the lease payments during the leasing period.
  • Availability of mechanisms and / or clear plans to provide the funded project with other components (raw materials, working capital, qualified personnel, sales markets, etc.)
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