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Ipoteka-bank participated in a Global investor call hosted by JP Morgan.

Posted by: 23 september, 2021

On September 21-22, Ipoteka participated in JP Morgan’s “Emerging Markets Credit Conference” which brought together all major players with investment interests for the emerging and developing economies.

Throughout two consecutive days, one-on-one calls with more than 16 international investment funds and large banks. The management successfully presented recent developments and financial results.

Ipoteka consistently strives to hold global meetings with investors and continues to improve the transparency of reporting, strengthen its position in the status of an active international issuer, and expand the geographic base of potential investors.

To recall, the Bank successfully issued Eurobonds in the amount of USD 300 million in November 2020, and the first-ever local currency corporate Eurobonds UZS 785 billion in April 2021.