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Factoring Services

  • Ipoteka Bank offers factoring operations as an effective solution for companies seeking to optimize their working capital and enhance the turnover of payables and receivables. Factoring enables businesses to secure financing of up to 90% of the documented goods delivery, access to unsecured loans, and maintain a constant working capital replenishment, thus supporting continued operations even during delayed payments for goods and services.

Key benefits of factoring with Ipoteka-bank include

  • Access to financing of up to 90% of the specified goods delivery amount

  • Availability of unsecured loans

  • Maintenance of long-term working capital

  • Increased funding aligned with sales growth

  • Streamlined cash flow planning

  • Efficient control and management of receivables

Factoring requirements

  • To initiate a factoring agreement, the customer-supplier is required to provide several documents, including consent from the debtor company, a valid sales contract, documents confirming the provision of goods or services, a payment request to the payer, financial statements, reports on borrowed and free funds from other creditors and banks, and a list of accounts held in other banks.

  • This comprehensive process and array of services underscore the commitment of Ipoteka-bank to providing robust financial solutions for businesses.

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