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Banking cards

VISA Classic
Issuance fee:
50 000 sum

These universal cards are common abroad. Having become a standard in the field, they combine convenience and high reliability, and they are equally well for all types of purchases and cash withdrawals.

Visa classic and Visa Gold are essential for people who spend a lot of time working and traveling. This card is convenient to use when paying in stores, restaurants and other retail outlets of any country in the world. Moreover, using Visa classic and Visa Gold, you can book a hotel room or rent a card and others.

These cards are especially relevant to travelers, since in many countries, payment cards as a method of payment for goods and services have long been given preference over cash.

Hundreds thousands of ATMs and over 22 million of sales outlet around the world accept Visa cards.

How to get Visa card?

To become a Visa card holder, it’s enough :

·         Fill out the application form; 

·         Passport;

·         Sign a contract;

·         Make a down payment of $ 10 on a card account.