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JSCMB "Ipoteka-bank" announces credit holidays

Posted by: 2 april, 2020

In connection with the introduction of quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, to create convenient conditions for the population, JSCMB "Ipoteka-bank" announces two-month credit holidays for payments of previously issued loans to citizens (overdraft, online micro – credit, problem loans-holidays are not applied).

Credit payments on the main debt due in April-may of the current year will be transferred to the next 6 (six) months of the payment schedule;

For late repayment of credit payments for the period of credit holidays, penalties and penalties provided for in the loan agreement will not be collected;

Individuals, after the expiration of the vacation period, can additionally apply to the Bank.

To pay off credit payments, you can use the mobile application from "Ipoteka-bank", the Internet banking remote program, and other mobile applications!

Note: these changes do not exempt the debtor from paying the loan balance and accrued interest on the loan!

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