Online microloan

Online microloan

50 000 000 sum
Loan purpose
For personal care
Credit term
till 36 month


An individual who is the owner of a bank card for salary projects of Ipoteka Bank 


A person who has reached the age of 18 and has a regular income

Purpose of the loan

For personal use

Sum of the loan

Up to 50 mln. soums

Minimum amount

 1 mln. soums

Number of formalization

Provided up to 3 times within the specified loan amount 


Up to 36 months

Grace period

No grace period

Annual rate

23% (for overdue loans 34.5%)

Repayment schedule

By annuity (repayment in equal installments)


Insurance policy

Annual insurance rate

For 24 months 2%

Insurance payment

It is calculated at the rate of 130% of the microloan received online (for loan insurance and interest on it). If the Borrower fulfills its obligations under the loan ahead of schedule, the paid insurance premium for the not expired insurance period is subject to return on the basis of the Borrower's application.

Required period of work

At least 3 months at the last job

Terms and conditions of provision

The loan is provided online, no later than the next business day from the moment the client confirms the terms of the offer

Scoring system

The scoring system determines the possibility of repayment of an online microloan by a client. The bank reserves the right not to issue a loan to a client if the scoring system is unsatisfactory

Online microloan is not provided

· Online microloans are not available to those clients who have a bad credit history.

· If the borrower has loans and monthly payments on them exceed 50% of the monthly salary.


Диққат: The actual amount and terms of the loan do not depend on the results of the calculation of the calculator.




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